eRisk Group is a partnership of senior energy and finance specialists, with extensive experience in the financial and energy markets. We have hands-on experience in deal execution of M&A activities, corporate strategy, business development, market analyses, and long term structured transactions.


eRisk Group provides a wide range of services, including valuations, feasibility studies, due diligence, market outlooks, risk assessments and business strategies.


eRisk Group combines a strong quantitative approach with extensive knowledge and experience of market operations. The quantitative approach is supported with a flexible and transparent model of the North West European markets. The model can easily be adapted to deal with various strategic questions of our clients.

O-PAC mogen presenteren op Springtij 2017 - Terschelling. Omdat ook grootschalige bewezen oplossingen in de toekomst noodzakelijk zullen zijn.

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The Netherlands has one of the most interconnected electricity markets of the world, with a total cross-border capacity which will grow to a whopping 11GW within a few years. This means that a very significant portion of the country’s demand can be imported or exported depending on the time of day, and that the remaining part can be generated with solar or wind capacity.

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