Applying three energy scenarios towards 2050 on the electricity and heating markets in the Benelux, France and UK

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Moet Nederland wel of niet duizend windmolens laten malen op zee? Die vraag doet er niet toe zolang het ontbreekt aan een functionerende stroommarkt, de juiste prikkels en een fatsoenlijk toegerust netwerk voor groene stroom. Door Hans de Geus en Maarten van der Kloot Meijburg.

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The use of sustainable biojet fuels in the aviation sector has large potential to reduce its emissions. Current high prices for biojet fuels causes however that airlines cannot afford to buy large quantities of biojet fuels. This results in companies (mainly oil companies) having little incentive to invest, and consequently the cost reduction from learning effects and from scaling up production does not take place. Policy instruments are required to bridge current limitations. A recent study conducted by SQ Consult and eRisk Group for IATA, the International Air Transport Association, benchmarks several combination of policy instruments that may help to bridge current limitations and narrow the price gap with conventional jet fuels.

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Evaluatie van enkele belangrijke aspecten van het SER Energieakkoord door eRisk Group in opdracht van PPM Oost

Paper warns that lights will go out with increasing severity as demand for electricity for gadgets soars amid inadequate investment

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