eRisk Group is a partnership of senior energy specialists, with an extensive experience in the energy and carbon markets. eRisk Group has hands-on experience in deal execution of M&A activities, corporate strategy, business development, market analyses and long-term structured deals.

Given its extensive experience, eRisk Group can provide a wide range of services including feasibility studies, due diligence, market outlooks, reviews, risk assessments, development of structured products, (contract) negotiations and formulation of market insights and outlooks with respect to investment opportunities or existing portfolios.

eRisk Group has performed many studies to support the strategic decision making processes of energy companies, industrials and governments. Based on extensive knowledge of the energy and financial markets and its proprietary models, we deliver tailor made advice on numerous energy market related subjects. Implications of different regulations (for example regarding renewable energy), long term scenario analyses, impact of growth of renewable energy on risk and value of existing portfolio’s, and the outlook and strategic positioning of energy companies regarding coal and gas are a few of the subjects. In combining the quantitative approach with our market knowledge, eRisk group is able to provide clear and pragmatic recommendations.

eRisk Group primary focus are the energy markets of the Benelux countries, Germany, France, and the UK. This is also the area covered by our power market model PPSGen. This allows us to quantitatively support our analyses and studies for our clients in this region.

Earlier assignments have demonstrated our ability to perform complex, quantitative and qualitative analyses. 

We use tailor made models and practical knowledge about the energy and carbon markets when providing market valuations and outlooks.

eRisk Group offers competitive fees and gives you full access to senior energy specialists.