Meet our teammembers!

Laetitia Ouillet has worked in the field of (renewable) energy in various roles within utilities and consultancy firms. She has a broad experience in developing strategies to deal with the energy transition, with a specific focus on regulatory developments. After holding the position of Director of Corporate Strategy at Dutch utility Eneco, she opted for a role within the field of Energy Research and Education, now leading the Strategic Area Energy at the Technical University of Eindhoven (TU/e). She recently joined eRisk Group on a part-time basis.

Ruut Schalij has a long term background in the financial world. He has worked for various banks as derivatives trader and risk manager (i.a. Rabobank International). Ruut has extensive experience with quantitative technologies and (energy) trading experience with a variety of financial derivative products. He worked for Nuon in the energy sector, first a risk manager and later responsible for strategy, business development and M&A activities. He joined eRisk Group in 2009.

Ruut joined the non-executive board of Circular Energy in 2016:

Maarten van der Kloot Meijburg has a broad experience in the financial and energy markets. He has worked for various banks (i.a. Rabobank International) and energy companies (i.a. Nuon). Maarten has extensive experience with quantitative technologies and (energy) trading strategies. He has advised many clients in both the banking and energy sector on strategic energy projects and road maps. Maarten is founder of eRisk Group. Since 2005, he is active as strategic consultant for various companies in the energy and financial sector

eRisk Group has a partnership with EnergyQuants.

EnergyQuants develops quantitative decision support models and risk management tools for the commodity sector. We provide software and consulting to the commodity markets, and to the energy market in particular.
The company was established in January 2011, and combines the knowledge of two experts (Alexander Boogert and Henk Sjoerd Los), active in the energy and financial sector since 2000. Both are experienced from the viewpoint of both the utility and the energy consulting. The company is based in the Netherlands and has an international focus.